Utilplastic owns a plant covering approximately 10,000 square metres, 4,000 of which are covered. The production facilities are the most modern available, equipped with computerised process controls and robotised handling. The warehouses allow a high standard production stock and the possibility of customised production for individual customers. 

Today specialising in the creation of articles for domestic use, it exports around 70% of its production to EU markets, the Far East and Pacific, Middle East and Persian Gulf countries, the Mediterranean basin, Central Africa and all of America. 

Utilgreen’ products, made by processing mixed plastics (plasmix) hitherto destined to end up in landfills or be burnt in waste-to-energy plants, possess the same mechanical properties as ordinary plastic tools. They are neither colourful nor sparkling. It is a choice. Their value lies not in their outward appearance but in their heart, in what they have inside.