Our philosophy

Our philosophy

"Less Waste More Life."

These words summarise the philosophy behind the new Utilgreen household product line

We have not chosen garish colours for the products we make because we know that their value lies in what they represent and in the material they are made of: a plastic that comes from the separate collection of household waste, a material that would otherwise be destined for landfills or incinerators. 

Utilgreen branded articles contribute to reducing pollution waste, saving energy and protecting the environment.
Therefore, buying and using our products means making a small contribution to improving the environment in which we live.

Casalinghi riciclo - Utilgreen - Prodotti per la casa in plastica riciclata

From recycling to reuse

Why throwing them away?

Avalanches of rubbish can be an asset that helps save resources. 

Recycled paper saves trees. 

Plastic from bottles makes jumpers (pile), benches for public gardens, tables and chairs for homes. 

Kitchen leftovers can become excellent fertiliser, wood shavings a source of energy. 

That is why it is important to separate waste and collect it separately: glass with glass, paper with paper, metals with metals.

Reproduced in Tuscany

A Tuscan story

The plastic tub of tortellini that comes back to life in soundproof panels along a motorway. The film wrapping sliced meats that becomes a broom. And again, former plastic bags returning to homes in the form of buckets, flower pots and shovels. 

These, and more, are the “Re-products in Tuscany”: objects obtained by recycling mixed plastics – the so-called “Plasmix”- resulting from the separate collection of waste made in Tuscany, plastics considered ‘poor’ that remain at the end of the waste separation process. 

This is the beginning of innovative recycling processes, thanks to which we are able to produce materials and consumer goods.